Shocking video: Bull attacked and killed a man

Warning: Harsh images

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The bullfighting festival in Valencia, Spain turned bloody as a man was killed when a bull gored him in the ribs with its horns.

A man has succumbed to injuries caused by a bull during a bullfighting festival in eastern Spain, according to city authorities.

The victim, who has not been named, was gored in the ribs by the bull 'Cotinero' at the festival in the city of Pobla de Farnals, Valencia, on Saturday (23.09.2023). He was taken to a hospital where he breathed his last a little later.

A second Spaniard was mauled in the leg by the same bull during the bullfight in the streets of the city and is hospitalized in a stable condition.

In these festivals, bulls are left in the city streets while people run in front of them, a tradition observed in at least 1.820 cities in Spain each year, according to a recent survey by animal rights groups AnimaNaturalis and CAS International. .

The festivals remain very popular, although many activists describe them as dangerous and brutal. In recent years, the proposal to ban them has been discussed.