Of the 284,9 million COVID cases, 5,4 million deaths, 252 million recovered

The situation internationally

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There are 284.930.096 coronavirus cases worldwide and 5.438.915 deaths, according to the latest Worldometers count.

An estimated 252.445.224 people have recovered. Of the active cases, ie 27.045.957, 26.956.498 (99,7%) cases present with mild symptoms and 89.459 (0,3%) have severe or critical symptoms.

At USA incidents climbed to 54.656,866 and 844.272 deaths, in India an estimated 34.822.040 people became infected and 480.860 lost their lives. In Brazil the count shows 22.263.834 cases and 618.870 deaths at United Kingdom 12.559.926 cases and 148.089 deaths are recorded. THE Russia counts so far 10.458.271 infections and 307.022 deaths.