Volunteers from Cyprus volunteer in Bangladesh for humanitarian aid (PHOTO)

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of Olga Konstantinou

Ambassadors on offer Cypriot doctors and nurses who traveled to distant Bangladesh to treat hundreds of Rohingya refugees. The refugees were violently expelled from Myanmar and stacked in camps. Their living conditions are deplorable as they are deprived of basic goods and have no access to assistance, clean water, food, shelter and care. The Head of Mission Dr. George Makrygiannis talks to Alpha about the situation that prevails there. 

Dr. George Makrygiannis, Mission Manager "Doctors of Cyprus" 
Refugees due to poor living conditions present with a large number of respiratory infections, gastrointestinal dermatological problems and serious injuries. The sad thing is that the largest number of patients are young children who are more vulnerable to poor living conditions.

Dr. George Makrygiannis, Mission Manager "Doctors of Cyprus" 
The twelve-member mission consists of 5 doctors of various specialties, 5 nurses and 2 support members who go beyond themselves every day. The mission is divided into 2 groups examining the 2 largest camps Kutapalong and Nayapara which host tens of thousands of refugees.

Dr. George Makrygiannis, Mission Manager "Doctors of Cyprus" 
Hundreds of patients have been examined in the last 3 days and they have sutured wounds and the most touching thing is that we had a birth and gave birth to a very healthy baby girl.

The lens of photojournalist Katia Christodoulou, who accompanies the mission, captured impressive images, including that of the birth of a child with the valuable help of midwife Nasia Papadopoulou.

Dr. George Makrygiannis, Mission Manager "Doctors of Cyprus" 
The members of the mission, putting aside the intense fatigue, continue their work with love and good mood in order to achieve the purpose of the mission, which is none other than the relief of the refugees in faraway Bangladesh.

The travel offer of the volunteer doctors of Cyprus started last Sunday and will end on April 30.