SYLLOURIS: "I will not object to a request for the waiver of my parliamentary immunity"

What does the letter to the Attorney General say?

imagew 19 IMMUNITY, Speaker of Parliament

The Speaker of the Parliament, Dimitris Syllouris, will not object to the request for the waiver of his parliamentary immunity, as he states in a letter to the Attorney General, George Savvidis, which he makes public.

"I am writing to you following the latest developments and since in my initial statement I had mentioned the nature of my involvement in the relevant video and also in a subsequent statement I stated that I will not resign from the position of Speaker of Parliament," the letter reads. .

Given the letter of Mr. Syllouris, "of your statement yesterday that you have decided to order an investigation in relation to the whole matter, I inform you that if you deem it necessary to go to the Supreme Court with a request to lift my parliamentary immunity to facilitate police investigations or any other investigations I am not going to initiate ".

Source: KYPE