Tusk-May meeting in Sweden to discuss Brexit

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European Council President Donald Tusk announced today that he will meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May in Sweden on Friday and intends to tell her that "there is still work to be done" before negotiations on a future EU-London relationship begin. Brexit.

Tusk modified his schedule for tomorrow (he will be in Gothenburg for an EU summit on social issues) to meet with May at 12.30pm local time to "discuss Brexit", his spokesman said in a Twitter message. .

According to a European source, the meeting is aimed at briefing May on the progress made in the Brexit talks on the European side.

At the last summit of EU leaders, the other 27 countries made a gesture of goodwill towards London, as they agreed to begin "internal preparations" for the forthcoming negotiations on Brussels' trade relations with Britain. They warned, however, that this second phase of negotiations would only begin after "significant progress" was made on three key issues: the rights of European immigrants in Britain, the border with Ireland and, above all, the amount to be paid by the London in the EU.

"Tusk will inform May that such a positive scenario has not been achieved, that more work will be needed and that time is running out. "He will ask May how Britain intends to proceed with these three key issues in the first phase," a European source told AFP.

At the December summit, the "27" will have to decide whether to give the green light to start the second phase of talks.