Russia's XNUMXth day of attacks continues - Putin's new threats to the West

According to the latest information from the war fronts, Sumy and Lebedin, in northeastern Ukraine, continue to be under Russian attack. The situation in Mariupol is dramatic

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been adamant about the Russian invasion of Ukraine despite calls from the international community for a ceasefire, as the Moscow and Kiev delegations look for channels of communication to bring the two sides back to the same table.

According to the latest information from the war fronts, Sumy and Lebedin, in northeastern Ukraine, continue to be under Russian attack, said Dmitry Sivitsky, head of the authorities in the Sumy region, via Telegram.

As it became known, Russian planes destroyed a warehouse with food and construction materials, as well as a parking lot yesterday Saturday, while a factory that generates electricity and guarantees the heating of houses was destroyed the day before yesterday, he said.

Russian forces have been trying to seize Kyiv, Kharkiv and other key areas in Ukraine since February 24.

There is no heating in Ochtyrka, between Sumi and Lebedin, and water and electricity have also been cut off in some areas.

"What can I say? Ochtyrka herself is partly lost," Sivicki wrote. Authorities say seventy Ukrainian soldiers were killed there on Tuesday.

The drama of Mariupol

Meanwhile, the truce of a few hours that was decided for yesterday in Mariupol in order for those who wanted to leave the city to be shaken in the "air" as a result of which thousands of people have been trapped.

Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boitshenko told a Ukrainian television network yesterday that its residents had been faced with a "humanitarian blockade" as they were now deprived of all basic services.

The Russian troops also cut 15 lines of the electricity network and Mariupol has not had electricity for five days. "People are suffering from the cold in their homes as the heating units are running on electricity, while the mobile networks are also down," he explained.

Even before the war broke out, the main water supply line of Mariupol had a problem and after the conflict broke out, the water supply from backup sources stopped, he continued.

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He complained that the Russian army acted with particular method to cut off all services in the city and intensify pressure on residents.

He also accused the Russian forces of opening fire on buses that would transport them out of the city through the so-called humanitarian corridor that was organized yesterday. Of the fifty buses full of fuel tanks, only twenty remain, Boitshenko added, warning that "we may not have any buses when civilians are allowed to leave again."

He called for the humanitarian corridor to be reopened so that the elderly and women and children could leave.

Putin hardens his stance - New threats to the West

As Russian military operations continue, Vladimir Putin is also toughening his stance against the West by launching new threats.

Ο Vladimir Putin  made it clear on Saturday that his government would automatically consider any country involved in the war any attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, a request that was strongly pressured by Kyiv but rejected by NATO and the US.

"We hear that it is necessary to impose a no-fly zone on Ukrainian airspace. "But it is impossible to do that on Ukrainian territory, it is only possible on the territory of neighboring countries," Putin said.

He further added that any move in this direction would be taken by Moscow "as part of the armed struggle of each country" whose territory would be used to "pose a threat to our military".

"Ukraine is in danger of ceasing to exist as a state"

In addition, Vladimir Putin warned that Ukraine is in danger of ceasing to exist as a state if the authorities in Kyiv do not change policy.

"The current (Ukrainian) authorities must understand that if they continue to do what they are doing, they will call into question the existence of the Ukrainian state. "And if that happens, they will bear full responsibility," the Kremlin resident said.

It is recalled that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday angrily criticized NATO's refusal to impose an air embargo zone on Ukraine in order to neutralize Russia's much stronger capabilities in the air.

Western countries have rejected the request, which is complicated by definition, saying it would risk a war with Russia, whose army invaded Ukraine on February 24.

"Do not impose more sanctions on us"

It is noted that Vladimir Putin also warned Russia's neighbors on Friday "not to escalate the situation", imposing more restrictions on his country.

"There are no bad intentions towards our neighbors. I would also advise them not to escalate the situation, not to impose restrictions. "We are fulfilling all our obligations and we will continue to fulfill them," the Russian president told a cabinet.

"We do not see any need to worsen the situation or our relations," Putin said. "All our actions, if any, are always in response to certain hostile actions against Russia." "I think everyone should think about how to normalize relationships, work together normally and develop relationships normally."

He also said he recognized that Russia was hurt by international business decisions to cut ties with Moscow. "If someone does not want to cooperate; doing harm to himself in this way, it will hurt us, of course," Putin said.

His words indicate a relentless stand in the face of Russia's rapidly growing isolation, the Financial Times comments.

"We have to put some of our projects aside for a while, to acquire some new skills, as we did in the past in many other projects, such as aviation. "But we will continue to complete the tasks we have to complete."