Another nurse was arrested pretending to be vaccinating

Fifty-one-year-old nurse arrested for virtually non-existent coronavirus vaccines

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A fifty-one-year-old nurse has been arrested in the Ancona area for virtually non-existent coronavirus vaccines. The detainee, like several other colleagues in the past months, actually emptied the syringe and the needle never touched the hand of the citizens.

With one quick move, he put only one patch on them and no one understood the scam. With the "alleged vaccination", he allowed many deniers to receive the green vaccinated pass.

Now, the nurse is accused of bribery, with the help of four other people, who acted as intermediaries. Ancona police seized a total of 18.000 euros. The investigation, as in similar cases in the past, was based on images from CCTV cameras. Each negative and anti-vaccine paid up to 400 euros to secure the green pass, without, in fact, ever being vaccinated.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ