The secrets of DIA: Torrents and a turbulent fluid heart (VIDEO)

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By Maria Tsangari

The research ship Hera reveals the secrets of Zeus, just like the goddess in Greek mythology.

The surface of the poles of the largest planet in our solar system looks like this.

Torrents in geometric clusters cover Jupiter, with its atmosphere deeper than previously thought.

According to Juno's measurements, it has a depth of 3000 kilometers.

Cyclones moving at a speed of 350 kilometers at the poles of the planet create polygonal shapes.

Still, Jupiter's turbulent heart is made up of fluid hydrogen and helium, but it spins like a solid mass.

The research, published in the journal Nature, gives scientists hope that they may be the trigger for the discovery of the origins of Jupiter.

Each of us can send our name to the Sun thanks to NASA.

The US space agency is going to send the Parker spacecraft to collect data on the Sun's atmosphere and data on geomagnetic storms affecting the Earth.

The Parker will carry a chip with the names. If anyone wants to send their name to the Sun, they must enter the NASA website and register it by April 27.