Theresa May: We crushed the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (BINTEO)

mei kypros Teresa May

of Thomas Paisi

The overthrow of the Islamic Caliphate in both Syria and Iraq was announced by British Prime Minister Theresa May from Cape Town.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister
Today, and thanks to your efforts, the self-proclaimed caliphate has been crushed and no longer occupies a significant area on the ground in either Iraq or Syria.

Her choice was not accidental as Cape is the base of British airstrikes against the Islamic State and in front of bombers she greeted the British Armed Forces describing them as the pride of the nation.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister
Here in Cyprus you are right at the heart of our military activity in the region.

The British have been involved in operations against the Islamic State for about three years, but after the terrorist attack in Manchester last May, the attacks intensified.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister
Just three years ago, the Islamic State declared a caliphate in Iraq and Syria a safe haven to carry out the most barbaric acts and from which to commit murders in the streets of our country.

Britain has backed both Iraqi forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga in the war against the caliphate, training another 60.000 Iraqi soldiers and launching more than 1600 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

He also said that the British forces will ensure with their presence here that the Islamic State is not going to be reorganized but also the stability of the kissing countries in the region.