Texas: Handcuffs on a woman trying to buy a baby for $ 500 thousand

She went shopping in a department store but what she was interested in buying was ultimately a baby

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She went shopping at the Walmart department store but what she was interested in buying was ultimately a baby. And because she insisted, she was handcuffed and is in danger of being imprisoned for ten years.

The story of Rebecca Lanet Taylor, who was at a Walmart store in Texas, when she approached the baby's mother, who at the time was paying at the vending machine to leave.

Taylor commented positively on the child's blond hair and blue eyes. He did not limit himself there, but asked his mother how much it cost. The mother laughed, thinking it was a joke, but Taylor told her she had $ 250.000 in the car. She even started to get stressed and her mother told her to leave.

According to the affidavit, the 49-year-old was not intimidated. Instead he replied to the mother that he had wanted to buy a baby for a long time, worrying the mother, who had left.

However, Taylor was waiting for her and started shouting at her in the parking lot that he would give her $ 500.000 "because she wanted the baby and he would take it".

The mother then went to the police and Taylor was arrested on January 18. The case file shows that she is accused of trying to buy and sell a child, which is a third-degree offense in the state of Texas.

Taylor now faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted and fined $ 10.000.

The woman was released from the Houston County Sheriff's Office on $ 50.000 bail.