What else will we see: Drunk he got lost and participated in research in search of himself

This went well…

23 missing, RESCUE, DRUNK

One went to do his good deed drunk man who helped in the search for a man before he realized that he was the one who was ignored.

It could be a black comedy scenario: A drunken man for hours helping to search for a missing person in a search and rescue operation before… realizing that he was the one they were looking for.

The reason for him Beyhan Mutlu, from Inegiol in its northwestern province Bursa in Turkey.

The story began when 50year he stumbled with his friends, with the result that instead of returning home, he "got lost" and started wandering in a forest in the area.

22 missing, RESCUE, DRUNK
His wife could not contact him, she became concerned and alerted the police.

While wandering in the forest, drunk Mutlu met a group of rescuers and volunteers who were on a search mission, unaware at the time that he was the man they were looking for.

Mutlu offered to help the group and started looking… himself in the woods, along with the others.

Only when one of the rescuers called his name and he answered "Here I am", everyone understood exactly what was happening.

Then one of the members of the rescue team undertook to ask him a series of questions. According to information transmitted by the Daily Mail, the drunk man kept repeating: "Do not punish me too harshly. My father will kill me ".

Then the rescuers he was taken to his home without it being clear if he was fined.

However, this is not the first time this has happened. In 2012, an Asian tourist went missing in Iceland and a search and rescue operation was organized in which she also participated, as she had not been able to identify herself in the sketch shared by the police.

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