"We lost her just before she turned two, she is now our angel at every step"

A mother describes the struggle of her baby and how from the day she passed away she became an "angel at every step".

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Mother of three children describes her baby's fight against cancer and the day she died, she says, "Angel at every step".

A mother describes her child 's battle with cancer

The mother characteristically states: "The day I will never forget: January 18, 2020. We were at the basketball game, which my son was playing. My sister told me: the little girl's eye closes πει Do you see it? It was the moment that changed my life forever. Nothing would be the same for us again.

Mary Kate was born three weeks earlier, on November 26, 2018. She was my fourth baby and she came very quickly. My waters broke in the middle of the night and I thought I had some time. But I was wrong. By the time I got in the car, I had a dilation of 6 cm. I got to the hospital and gave birth to a wonderful one little girl, very healthy.

Our other three children, a boy and two girls, were excited to have a new baby in the family. He was a sweet creature, it was impossible not to love him!

Child suffering from cancer

Mother: How did she find out that her baby was suffering from a serious illness?

Let me come back on January 18th. I took the little one home from the stadium, thinking he was drowsy. When she woke up, however, her left eye was in exactly the same condition. He had a tendency to fall down. We called a nurse who was staying nearby and she told us that we should go to the emergency room. I was shocked and really worried. They did a test for her and then told us to go to a pediatric ophthalmologist. We made an appointment immediately and many more followed, second opinions and a lawsuit for a month.

One day she woke up and her eye had deteriorated significantly. He could barely open it. Fortunately, we took her quickly to the doctor and after a quick examination, she told us to go for a magnetic. After 14 hours in the emergency room, we did the magnetic. I still have the doctor in mind to say that "the good scenario is that it is a wart, a type of benign tumor and the radiologist was almost convinced of that. Then we saw the chief pediatric neurosurgeon, who was much more anxious and wanted to monitor the child closely and in a few weeks to repeat the magnetic.

The day we went for the rehearsal, I remember walking down the aisle of the hospital with my husband. They all looked different. Queues of people outside, security όγ Due coronavirus, only one parent was allowed to accompany the child. No visitors, nothing. My husband took the child for the examination, while I sat next to a crying woman. She told me that her husband was in the intensive care unit. She also prayed for my child and reassured me, telling me that everything would be fine.

We waited anxiously for the neurosurgeon's phone call. The phone rang and I put the call on an open earphone for my husband to hear as well. Do you know that there are times in life when everything changes? It was one of those. I heard the doctor's voice say: I'm sorry, the little girl's tumor has grown and while there is another in the spine. I was embarrassed. My heart was going to break. We asked if we had any information about what kind of tumor it was. He told us that a biopsy should be done for a safer diagnosis, although he told us that it was most likely an atypical monstrous / rod-shaped tumor, a pediatric tumor of the nervous system. It's something you do not want anyone to suffer, let alone 14 month old baby you.

Cancer child

The biopsy confirmed the neurosurgeon's fears. Our 14 month old baby had cancer of the brain and spine. She underwent five rounds of chemotherapy and responded to everything as a champion. It made the treatment look like a toy, even though I knew it was horrible. He underwent three surgeries, 107 nights in the hospital and an endless nightmare. But he never protested, he always smiled. No one understood that he had cancer, and in fact so aggressive.

We had an amazing medicine and we did not feel alone for a moment. Especially, her doctor was a real saint. After five rounds of chemotherapy, her eyebrows seemed to improve. But the news was bad again. He still had some tumors in his spine and some still remained in the third cranial nerve.

We started treatment at home which was quite demanding. After a month of home remedies, we began to see more and more changes. There was a spread of the tumor in her brain. We had to start anew treatment to fight it. A week later, while sitting on the couch, I noticed some things in my daughter's behavior that seemed strange to me. We took her to the hospital the next day. It was November 16, 2020.

When we got to the hospital, all the nurses were there and agreed that something was wrong. That afternoon the little one had a two-hour crisis and it seemed almost impossible to control her. Eventually, they succeeded and it was the last time we had real moments with our daughter. Our test results collapsed. THE volume had come a long way. We would not leave the hospital with our little one.

I had decided that her death would be beautiful. Not dramatic, with lamentations, I knew God had a plan before she was born. He wanted her back to him. The little one left on November 22, 2020, four days before she turned 2 years old. If you have lost a child, the pain is excruciating. I could not see her again, I did not know if I would get over it. But I had to for my other three children. So, every day I woke up, I went to my psychologist and I was trying to heal the wounds of 2020.

My husband and son bought a 20D printer. With him we had the idea to make small toys, like a small business. These then became more and we created Mk's Tiny Toys in memory of Mary Kate. We hope he guides us in every step. "With each purchase of these toys, XNUMX% will go to the Mary Kate Foundation, which will help families of children with cancer financially."


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