"The Beast": The serial killer of children died in prison

He was sentenced to serve 835 years in prison for the rape and murder of at least 170 minors, mostly boys

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One of the world's worst serial killers of children, Colombian Luis Alfredo Garavito, also known as the "Monster of Genoa", who murdered at least 170 minors, died on Thursday, serving his sentence, at the age of 66. , the prison authorities announced.

Imprisoned since 1999, after being arrested for attempted child abduction, he died in a clinic in the north of the country due to "multiple pathologies". In May, Colombian media reported that he was suffering from cancer and leukemia.

In 2000, Luis Alfredo Garavito was sentenced to 835 years in prison for the rape and murder of at least 170 minors, mostly boys, between 1980 and 1999. However, the maximum sentence in the country is 40 years in prison.

He also confessed to having committed murders in neighboring countries, Venezuela and Ecuador.

According to evidence from investigations carried out in Colombia, Luis Alfredo Garavito posed as a homeless man, priest or street vendor and lured children with gifts or money before, in most cases, raping and murdering them.

Also known as "The Beast", the man, born in Henova, a small community in the central-western part of the country, accompanied the killings with acts of extreme brutality. He cut off the genitals of his victims and put them in their mouths.

In an interview in 2004 with the Colombian television network RCN, he stated that he had become a Christian. "I have now been forgiven (…) What's done is done. I will not be tortured," he had said.