NBC Cuts Ellen - "Unacceptable Working Conditions"

Employee complaints against the presenter

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Following the employees' complaints against the presenter, the ratings of the video game presented on NBC are very low, as a result of which the channel cuts off the video game in question. 

After announcing the finale of the famous talk show presented by Ellen DeGeneres for 19 consecutive seasons, another professional project is coming to an end.

The video game was one of the most "powerful" TV programs, with its premiere on NBC in 2017 with huge ratings. Since then, it has been the top of the prime time zone.

The game was produced and presented by Ellen DeGeneres, a fact that may have been responsible for the drop in viewership rates since October 2020, when her bad behavior towards the TV crew became known.

Her colleagues denounced the presenter and well-known comedian for "unacceptable working conditions". Specifically, they described their work environment full of "racism, fear and intimidation", with the result that the 63-year-old lost her audience.

From 29% that initially marked the game on the charts, it eventually fell to 9%. NBC is therefore expected to demand its removal from the television program.