The sketch with the "blue bird" on Twitter that infuriated Erdogan (PHOTO)

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will take legal action, asking the social networking site Twitter to remove the sketch of the Danish cartoonist Ruben Oppenheimer. 

The sketch shows the President of Turkey flirting with the Twitter logo, the blue bird. In fact, Erdogan's underwear refers to the flag of the Islamic State. The comment that accompanies the sketch makes things worse. 


Twitter has received a legal instruction from the Turkish Court to remove the sketch, which it notified to the company where the cartoonist works. Oppenheimer said he would not remove the sketch, adding: "This is the sketch that Erdogan wants to remove from Twitter. Isn't it very funny if I ask you to share it? ” 

The cartoonist posted the instruction of the Turkish Court on Twitter along with the sketch commenting “Christmas came earlier this year! This is the letter of the instruction of the court from the Great Land Eater friend Erdogan. There will be continuity… ” 

Upon receipt of the letter, the political cartoonist contacted the Danish Journalists' Association and informed them that he would not do anything unless instructed personally. 

"In the meantime, I will wait and not book holidays in Turkey for security reasons," the cartoonist commented. 

Twitter has not yet decided what to do. The cartoonist's company did not remove the sketch.