Turkey - Breathtaking Video - Toddler Sitting on Window Sill of High-Rise Building

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A video showing a little boy sitting on the windowsill of a high-rise building in Turkey is making the rounds of the internet, raising questions about how the little boy found himself in this incredibly dangerous situation.

According to Milliyet, the video in question was taken in the Kayasehir district of Istanbul, by a woman who was in a neighboring building, and felt her blood freeze when she saw the child sitting carelessly on the windowsill, with her body just a few millimeters away from the gap. .

The little boy, who does not look older than 1,5-2 years, came out of the open window of the apartment building and sat for a while on the windowsill, peeking through the curtain inside the apartment. When the woman noticed his presence, she started recording the scary scene with her cell phone. Moments later, he was relieved to see the boy enter the house again, crawling through the open window.

According to the newspaper, it remains unknown whether the little boy was alone at home or if he escaped the attention of his guardians.