Turkish Media: The Greek lobby has taken action again for the F-16s

"Greek lobby takes action again on F-16s"

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Only the newspaper "Sozju" which is close to the opposition refers - so far - to the amendment filed by American senators against the sale of F-16 to Turkey.

Titled: US politicians call for changes to anti-Turkey law, the paper reports that "after US President Joe Biden gave the green light to the sale of F-16s to Turkey, US politicians and senators who linked to the Greek lobby took action".

The paper argues that the US president can override these objections if he conflates the sale with US national security.

"Biden has only one advantage over US politicians who act with the support of the Greek lobby. If Biden clarifies that this sale is required for US national security, he may be able to override this amendment. But Biden needs to explain this with a comprehensive plan and program," it said.

Geni Safak: New accumulation in Alexandroupoli

Otherwise, the pro-government newspaper "Yeni Safak" refers today again to Alexandroupolis and to a new "accumulation" of weapons and military vehicles 60 km from Turkey, as it emphasizes.

"Over 2 thousand 500 vehicles were disembarked over the weekend by ship that arrived at the port of Alexandroupolis. The retired lieutenant colonel, Fakhri Erenel, said that they are sending the message that 'we are protecting you from Turkey'."

Correspondingly, "Hurriet" is showing the equipment of Greece again today.

"Greece is buying drones and 74 landing craft from the US," he says.

"With the drones, it will constantly monitor the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean. The landing craft can carry 7 units of infantry.'

"They crushed Mitsotakis in the European Parliament"

According to Turkish media today, "Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis was criticized in the European Parliament on the issue of refugees, who said nonsense saying 'Turkey is pushing back, not us'".

"Words out of bounds by the Greek Minister of Defense - He blamed Turkey"

The statements of the Minister of Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, have started and are also receiving their own "space" in the Turkish media.

"Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos blamed Turkey, forgetting that his country was the side that turned the tables. Claiming that his country is open to an agreement with Turkey, Panagiotopoulos said that this will only be possible if Ankara starts 'playing by the rules,'" it is reported.