Trump: "I will be arrested next Tuesday" - Calls for protests

Donald Trump: I will be arrested on Tuesday, protest!

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It has caused a sensation in the last hours on USA the post of the country's former president, Donald Trump, that he expects to be arrested "next Tuesday".

In his post, Trump says that "the Republican front-runner and former President of the United States will be arrested next Tuesday."

"Protest, take back our nation," Trump added in his post.

Although the post did not mention why he would be arrested, his legal team, according to CNN, expects it to happen soon and is preparing behind the scenes for their next steps.

According to FOX the prosecution that will lead to an arrest will involve payments he made as a presidential candidate in 2016 to ensure the silence of certain people. For its part, Agence France-Presse reports that the investigation that may lead to his arrest concerns $130.000 given before the 2016 vote in order for Stormy Daniels not to publicize their past relationship.

Reports in US media leaked on Friday that Mr prosecutor of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, had asked New York security authorities to begin preparations for the security issues a possible Trump subpoena would create with the former US president's lawyer stating that if that happened Trump would appear in person in Manhattan.

Ο Tramp appears to have complained to associates that he will be the only one prosecuted because District Attorney Bragg "hates him".

Aides to Trump, however, are reportedly urging him not to call for protests for fear of the image that will be created if there is a large demonstration in Manhattan that gets out of control or, worse, resembles the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of the former US president. , on January 6, 2021.