Tragedy: Dog stepped on a shotgun and killed its owner

Dog stepped on a loaded gun and shot his owner in the back, killing him

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A dog killed a hunter when it stepped on a loaded rifle in the back seat of a car, causing the gun to go off over the weekend in the central US, police said.

In the back seat of an open pickup truck, where the owner had left "hunting equipment and a rifle," the dog stepped on the gun, causing it to "go off," the Sumner County Sheriff's Office in Kansas said.

The victim was in the passenger seat

The victim, 30, was in the passenger seat when he was struck by the bullet. "He succumbed to his injuries at the scene." "The investigation is ongoing, but initial reports indicate this is a hunting accident," the sheriff's office added.

Guns are extremely common in the US, especially in rural areas. Their number in the country is greater than that of the inhabitants.

Tragic accidents, often involving children playing with weapons, are frequent.