Tragedy in Iran - Turbine "sucked" and an engineer was killed

Aircraft engineer in Iran met a tragic death

Screenshot 3 7 Iran, Turbine

An aircraft engineer in Iran met a tragic death when he was pulled by the turbine of a Boeing plane and dismembered.

The incident took place on 3/7 at Chabahar Konarak Airport in southern Iran when engineer Abolfazl Amiri was carrying out maintenance work.

According to Bild, the plane landed normally at the airport and, according to standard procedure, an inspection began.

However when Amiri realized he had left a tool in the machine he went back to get it. Reaching the turbine he pulled it before a fire broke out.

Although the mobilization of the fire department was immediate and the fire was extinguished quickly, the rescuers found only the dismembered body of the engineer. An investigation is underway into the incident.

In May, a similar incident occurred at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.