Tui: Extension of tourist season in Greece and Turkey until November

Until mid-November, Tui extends the offer of tourist packages for Greece and Turkey

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Until mid-November, Tui is extending the offer of tourist packages to Greece and Turkey, responding to the increased demand for the autumn months after a summer with extreme natural phenomena.

The company's packages for Greece and Turkey traditionally stopped in October.

The major travel organization reported, however, that this year for October the demand is 8% higher than last year.

This is also attributed to the disruption of some travelers' plans due to the heat and fires in Greece, but also to the fact that the region offers holidays with good temperatures and sunshine in autumn as well.

The chief executive of the German travel giant, Sebastian Ebel, confirmed that around 30.000 airline seats have been added to destinations such as Rhodes, Crete and Antalya by mid-November.

Overall, winter bookings are up 15% compared to last year, despite a 4% increase in prices.

Mr Ebel added that as a result of climate change, less warm destinations such as Scandinavia and the Netherlands will become more popular in the coming years.

The trend for holidays from Britain outside the usual summer months was also confirmed by the Association of British Travel Agents.

As a representative of the Association said, it is a trend that is increasing after the corona virus pandemic and takes advantage of the still good weather and lower prices.

Source: KYPE