VIDEO: Another kid's bagged the Turkish president - He cut the ribbon earlier at the opening

It tends to become a "tradition". Another kid did not want to wait to cut the ribbon at an inauguration attended by Erdogan.

erdogan mpompiras inauguration, ribbon, Pitsirikas, RECEP TAGIP ERDOGAN, Turkey

It is the "fate" of Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to be obeyed by the children who are recruited at the inauguration that goes to various areas in Turkey. A similar incident with what you will see in the video below took place in September with the Turkish president getting angry again with a 10-year-old.

The child is disobedient

The new incident took place at the opening of a national garden in Ankara, when a bomber grabbed the ribbon to cut it. Erdogan was talking to him, tapping him on the shoulder to stop, but the little one did not understand anything. In fact, the unruly bomber cut her twice and they had to change the ribbon again and again. Erdogan used to tell him "then, then, not now", but he did not follow the instructions.

Watch the relevant video: