VIDEO: Turkey's dark role and full support for Hamas

Turkey has been giving shelter to Hamas for more than ten years, so that it can organize its plans undisturbed

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Turkey has been giving shelter to Hamas for more than ten years, so that it can organize its plans undisturbed. It is clear that there is a patronage relationship between Ankara and Hamas, with its leader holding a Turkish passport and Turkish banks allowing the movement of the terrorist organization's funds.

Turkey, which still dreams of reviving the Ottoman Empire, has been trying tooth and nail since the first day of the war to become the voice of the Palestinians in the world, and to take on a mediating role, with the West ostentatiously ignoring Erdogan.
It is typical that the American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, made the last 24-hour tours to 5 countries in the region, but not to Turkey.

However, Erdogan is constantly sending messages of support for Hamas, even with members of his own family. Last Saturday there was a demonstration of the Turkish opposition in favor of the Palestinians.

The detainees are two, first, Erdogan's son, Bilal Erdogan, participated in it, first line. Second, the non-banning of the demonstration by Erdogan himself Turkey is giving ground to the terrorist Hamas, and it is the only country. And this is because the General Secretary of the Hamas government in Gaza spoke at the demonstration, obviously in favor of the terrorists' actions.

There were also songs about Islamic warriors advancing on Jerusalem.

During the weekend, Erdogan made a frontal attack on the US Secretary of State Blinken and the US for supporting the PKK in northern Syria, that is, where the Americans shot down the Turkish drone, and spoke of a security issue between Turkey and the US within NATO. In other words, it raises an internal issue of security in NATO.

Last Thursday, he attacked the US for the aircraft carrier they sent to the region, as if he really is a representative of Hamas.

The real recital Hamas Spokesman Erdogan, however, gave on Monday, holding up maps of the region and warning that if Israel did not comply, worse tragedies would follow.

The most bloodthirsty message to Israel and aimed at Netanyahu, however, prompted Education Minister Nazif Hilmaz to deliver it.

Hamas has essentially been based in Istanbul since 2014. Turkey has not only offered safe accommodation to many Hamas operatives but also allows the movement of the organization's funds through local banks, offers them passports, often under different names, allows meetings to be held on its territory and many more.

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Source: Sigmalive