VIDEO – Customer threw coffee at employee because he thought it was expensive and she "responded" with a hammer

Many reactions have been caused by the video of what happened in a coffee shop in the south of Seattle, USA, when a customer threw the coffee he had bought at an employee of the business and she broke the windshield of his car with a hammer.

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The protagonist of the video is 23-year-old Emma Lee, who posted the related video from a security camera on Instagram.

In the video, the customer of the coffee shop can be seen fighting over the price of the coffee (he paid $22) before finally throwing it at the 23-year-old. Lee is then seen hitting the windshield of the IX with a hammer and punching a hole in it.

The 23-year-old claims that she reacted in this way "because I felt in danger" as, as she claims, the man threatened her saying "no one is going to miss you".

"Prior to that threat, she had screamed, spat at me and tried to open the window," the 23-year-old told FOX 13.

According to her, the man who threw the coffee at her had complained in the past about the money he had been asked to pay.

Then his girlfriend had said "no one is forcing you to come here".

The 23-year-old filed a lawsuit against the man, who, however, cannot be excluded from taking legal action himself for the damage to his car's windshield.