Shocking video: 12-year-old rape victim was walking around covered in blood asking for help and passers-by chased her away

People chased her away, refusing to help her

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A video from a closed-circuit camera in India is causing outrage, showing a teenage girl walking around covered in blood and half-naked, asking for help from passers-by, who chased her away.

According to the BBC, after two hours, a Hindu priest. "She couldn't speak, her eyes were swollen shut," Rahul Sharma told NDTV. “I asked her what happened, but she answered in a dialect I didn't understand. I gave her pen and paper, but she couldn't write anything."

He added that he gave her clothes and called the police, who took the girl to hospital, where she underwent surgery that showed she had been raped. He is now hospitalized in stable condition.

Last Sunday, the girl was reported missing in the city of Satna, approximately 700 km from where she was found covered in blood.

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