Shocking video: Drunk driver plows into cyclists and runs over one with SUV (harsh images)

A shocking scene was caught on camera on a Texas road with a drunk driver rear-ending two cyclists.

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In the shocking video, recorded by their colleague on Monday, the two cyclists can be seen on the right side of the road near the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport when a white SUV appears behind them, ramming them.

The two cyclists collapse on the road and the unconscious SUV driver swerves left, before running his vehicle over the one cyclist and disappearing.

The victim, 69-year-old Thomas Geppert, was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, while first aid was provided to the other victim, 65-year-old Deborah Inds.

According to local media, other cyclists accompanying the couple chased the driver, 31-year-old Benjamin Highlander, to a nearby gas station and forced him back to the scene of the accident.

According to a police report on the incident, the driver told investigators he had had a beer an hour before the incident, but a breathalyzer test showed his blood alcohol level was over the limit. Officers found six empty beer cans in Highlander's vehicle, who was arrested and charged with vehicular assault, injury and DUI.