Brazil: Woman who took dead uncle to bank to sign loan breaks her silence

According to the autopsy, when the man arrived at the bank, he had already been dead for two hours

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Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes from Brazil shocked the local community and beyond, when she was seen with her uncle at a bank in order for him to sign for the issuance of a loan.

The shocking thing is that the elderly man who was in a wheelchair when he arrived with his niece at the branch was... dead.

In the video released from that day, the bank employee can be heard telling her: “I don't think she's okay. It doesn't look good at all."

Nunes, on the other hand, kept talking to her 68-year-old uncle, asking him, "Uncle, are you listening?" and at the same time trying to get him to sign while holding the pen in his hands.

"Sign here and stop giving me a headache," she is heard telling him afterwards.

An autopsy on the 68-year-old man revealed he died of "bronchial aspiration and heart failure," and Nunes ended up in jail. She was investigated for manslaughter and insisted she believed he was still alive when she took him to the bank, while she was held on suspicion of disposing of a corpse and attempted theft by fraud.

"I'm not that person they're talking about, I'm not that monster"

According to her version of events, which she revealed on the Brazilian show Fantastico, she "doesn't remember much" about what happened at the bank.

Nunes, who is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment and taking prescription medication for insomnia, said she "doesn't know if it was the effect of the medication that day," but she may have taken more than prescribed.

She also pointed out that the other witnesses at the scene did not seem to realize that her uncle was dead.

“Neither I nor the others noticed. How do you give a dead person a piece of paper to sign?” she asked herself.

Nunes was eventually released as she is not considered a flight risk and to continue caring for her disabled daughter.

"I didn't realize my uncle was dead... I'm not that person they're talking about, I'm not that monster," she said in her defense.