British election: Triumph for Keir Starmer and Labor - Back in power after 14 years

Keir Starmer's party scored a historic victory

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Labor leader Keir Starmer said the country had voted for change and it was time for his party to live up to expectations, speaking after a landslide victory in the UK election, picking up 410 seats (out of a total of 650 in Parliament).

"Tonight people here and across the country have spoken and are ready for change," Starmer said. "The change starts right here," he stressed.

Polls released earlier showed Labor winning the general election with a clear majority, putting Starmer on course to take over from Rishi Sunak as prime minister, ending a 14-year run of Conservative governments in Britain.

According to the BBC exit poll — on Thursday night (4/7) — the distribution of seats was as follows: 410 seats for the Labor Party, 131 for the Conservative Party, the Lib Dems 61 seats, Nigel's Reform Party Farage 13 seats, the Scottish National Party (SNP) 10 seats and the Greens 2 seats.

UK Elections: Election of MP for Reform UK

Nigel Farage's far-right Reform UK party has elected an MP for the first time, with Lee Anderson retaining the seat he won in 2019 when he was a member of the Conservative Party. Anderson left the Tories and joined Reform UK earlier this year.

Reform UK was predicted to secure 13 seats in the House of Commons, however the BBC's revised forecast now gives Nigel Farage's party 4 seats.

Party leader Nigel Farage is considered almost certain to win the seat of Clacton, Essex, to be elected as an MP after seven failed attempts in the past.

"Trust me, friends, this is just the first step"
"There's a huge void in the centre-right space in British politics, and it's my job to fill it. And that's exactly what I'm going to do," Farage said after the results were announced in his constituency. "I intend to build a mass movement nationwide over the next few years, hopefully large enough to aim high for the 2029 election," he added.

"Believe me, friends, this is only the first step" of the movement "that will amaze you all," he claimed.

British election: Defense Minister Shapps lost his parliamentary seat

Britain's Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has lost his parliamentary seat, becoming - so far - the most senior member of Rishi Sunak's cabinet to remain outside parliament, in what is shaping up to be a historic Labor victory on election night.

The outgoing Defense Secretary was defeated in the Welsh constituency of Hatfield in the south of England by Labor candidate Andrew Lewin, who won the seat by 19.877 votes.

Grant Shapps, 55, who received 16.078 votes, has supported Ukraine since he was chosen to replace Ben Wallace at the defense ministry nearly two years ago, even traveling to Kiev a month after taking office. A staunch supporter of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, he had held a number of cabinet roles and was also Liz Truss' home secretary for six days.

Mordant is also out of Parliament

The same fate as Sapps had Penny Mordant who was once considered a possible contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party in Britain. Mordant lost her seat in Parliament to a Labor candidate, according to election results, early this morning.