British Foreign Minister: We want a solution to the Cyprus issue in accordance with the UN framework

The British Government wants to see the Cyprus issue "resolved through negotiations, in accordance with the (United Nations) framework"

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The British Government wants to see the Cyprus issue "resolved through negotiations, in accordance with the (United Nations) framework," said UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverley, speaking on Sunday night at a reception as part of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

He said he discussed such a solution during his recent visit to Ankara.

In his address at the annual reception of the "Conservative Friends of Cyprus" organization, Mr. Cleverly said that his country has great relations with both Cyprus and Turkey and is working towards a solution to this long-standing issue.

“I can assure you that we will continue to work passionately to try to resolve this long-standing issue and not just let it slide. Just because something has been the case for a long time does not mean that we should give up the desire to achieve a solution and we will continue to work on it", noted the British Foreign Secretary addressing the Cypriot, British and other delegates who attended the reception.

He then referred to the very good chemistry with his new Cypriot counterpart Konstantinos Kobo, whom he jokingly described as a "tall and handsome guy" with whom from the first contact four-on-one they did "serious work" regarding the "unique » relationship between the two countries.

As a "perfect example" of this close relationship and assistance from one friendly country to another, he emphasized the "immediate and positive" response of the Cypriot Government to the British request for support in the operation to evacuate British and other citizens from Sudan. "We wouldn't have been able to do it without the (Cypriot) decisive actions," Mr Cleverley said.

He concluded his greeting with warm words about the "incredible contribution" of the Cypriot community to British society, culture and the economy for the "excellent and effective" High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus to the UK Andreas Kakouris.

In his own short speech, the Cypriot diplomat commented that it is easy to forget the island 49 years after the Turkish invasion, but called on those present to remember Cyprus, as "Cyprus matters, it matters in the Eastern Mediterranean, for the United Vasileio, for the United Nations and for the Cypriots".

He noted that in the last year the bilateral relations between Cyprus and the United States Vassiliou are on an upward trajectory, as confirmed by the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation last November and the important meeting of the two Foreign Ministers. He praised the contribution of the "large and loud" Cypriot community in Britain.

He stated that unfortunately he has no positive news to convey about the Cyprus issue, pointing out the difficulties caused by the Turkish position for a two-state solution. "There are not two states, there are not two peoples in Cyprus," noted Mr. Kakouris, thanking the British Government for its "very clear" position in favor of a solution based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation.

The Honorary President of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus and well-known pro-Cypriot MP for North London, Teresa Villiers, initially praised the contribution of the Cypriots to the United Kingdom and noted the anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus.

He then noted: "We must never give up the pursuit of a just and balanced negotiated solution in Cyprus, reunification is an imperative issue and must be addressed as such by the United Nations and the international community."

He stood, as he did recently in the Parliament, on the collection of religious monuments in the occupied territories.

Greetings were also addressed on behalf of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus by Giorgos Hatzipavlis, Andreas Papaevripidis, Doros Partasidis and Andre Chris, who noted both the contribution of the Cypriots to the United Kingdom in general and to the Conservative Party in particular, as well as the help that can be provided by the United Kingdom in the just resolution of the Cyprus issue.

In his statement to KYPE, Mr. Cleverly congratulated the Republic of Cyprus on the anniversary of its establishment. “But mostly I want to say a huge thank you to the Cypriots here in the UK who contribute so much and that in our own time of need, when we had to get people out of Sudan, you helped. So thank you very much. It is an honor to be here with the Conservative Friends of Cyprus and I am delighted that the event went so well," added the British Foreign Secretary.

Source: KYPE