Hitler's great-grandson was found

adolf 1 HITLER

He lives isolated in the US and dislikes Trump

Adolf Hitler's great-grandson and son of William Patrick's nephew (whom the stubborn Nazi leader never sympathized with) was discovered and interviewed by the German newspaper Bild. Hitler's descendant, who lives in the US, says he is "very annoyed" by US President Donald Trump, while expressing his sympathy for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Chancellor Merkel? "He is a smart and capable personality," Alexander said in his first media interview, much to his surprise.

Living alone in a mansion off Long Island, Hitler's descendant had avoided any contact with journalists. Even in 2006, when he was approached by the New York Times, he refused to make any statement.

His father was William Patrick, Hitler's nephew for whom the dictator had no sympathy. In the 30s, William fled to the United States with his wife Phyllis, changing his name to "Hiller." For many decades then the family managed to maintain its anonymity. But then they returned to their last name.

For many years, even their immediate neighbors (who according to Bild were even Austrians) did not suspect what Alexander's real family tree might have been. Until the journalist of the German newspaper Timo Locosat knocked on the front door of the family.

As soon as the "ice broke", Locosat managed to persuade Alexander to speak to him, answering questions about politics, but avoiding the slightest hint of his family.

Hitler's descendant expressed his satisfaction with Merkel and even with her policy of welcoming immigrants. "He does what he can," said Alexander, 50, whom Bild finds strikingly resembling actor Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in "The Fall," which chronicles the Nazi leader's last moments.

But Alexander's view of President Donald Trump is different. "The last person anyone might think I like is Trump," he said bluntly, adding that "the way he acts bothers me." "And I just do not like liars," he said.