She claimed that she has cancer to get 270.000 euros from her family

cheated, Family

She tricked 20 members of her family and 8 strangers

Fooled everyone! Her husband, her family and people who wanted to help her. Now she will have enough free time to think about the consequences of her actions in prison.

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases of our time. Millions of people have fought a huge battle to overcome it and every day their stories move them.

One woman considered it right to tell a serious lie to get rich.

The 36-year-old from Great Britain claimed that she has terminal cancer.

cheated, Family

She told her husband that she was only six months old. Her family stood by her side, when she managed to put more than 270.000 euros in her account!

The money they gave her for the treatments went to clothes and bags of famous houses.

She fooled 20 members of her family and 8 strangers.

The 36-year-old behaved so insidiously that she sent herself messages from fake numbers and pretended to be her doctor!

Her lie lasted for several months, however the show ended.

The woman will be punished for her lie and the money she managed to extract with four years in prison.