Chinese couple find their lost son, 14 years later

What happened to Sun Zhuo?

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A Chinese couple, Sun Haiyang and his wife, Peng Siying, have finally reunited with their son after 14 years.

Sun Zhuo, now 18, was abducted in 2007 when he was 4 years old in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. His disappearance and the efforts to find his father, in fact, inspired the screenwriter of a 2014 Chinese film, "Dearest" directed by Peter Chan, starring Zhao Wei.

"After 14 years and 57 days, he is a head taller than his mother," Sun Haiyang wrote on the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

"He brought us local specialties from where he lives now. He's the Sun Zhuo we've all been looking for all these years. "

What happened to Sun Zhuo?

Sun Zhuo was abducted by a 4-year-old man while playing in front of his family home. He was reportedly lured using a toy. All these years, his parents were looking for their son. They went so far as to sell their properties to raise funds for his search and offer rewards to people with information about their son.

Sun Haiyang dedicated his life to the search for his son.

After finding his son, Sun Haiyang expressed his joy, “I am so happy to have finally found my son. I've been to so many places looking for him in the last 14 years. I could not sleep well and I was always worried about him. I only remembered him as a 4-year-old ".

Haiyang has helped other parents with similar situations and shared his experience with everyone. Sometimes, I would be disappointed if no one picked up the phone for a few days. I was happy even when various liars called me, saying that they would exchange items with a good reward. At least that gave me hope. "

The alleged kidnapper of Sun Zhuo has been arrested.