A couple of our compatriots have been living with their two minor children in a caravan for three years (VIDEO)

They are the parents of two children aged 4 and 10 years

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They are parents of two children aged 4 and 10 years. Once upon a time everything went well in their lives, although they both came from poor families, they both worked and could, although difficult, make ends meet. They rented a house and raised their children with joy. At some point, however, the girl fell ill, was diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Only the father is working at the moment and his salary is not enough even for the necessities and they do not receive any financial help from the state.

The story of the couple became known through the facebook page "I offer generously / Cyprus".

Many people came to help and the volunteers of the group "I offer generously / Cyprus" visited the family twice this week and offered it: food, sweets, gifts for the children and food stamps. One volunteer also provided an internal sterilizer and air cleaner for Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, Uv lamp Sterilizer and ecological mattress and sofa cleaning.

It is very unfair for a couple who, while always striving and always fighting for the best, today live with their children instead of in a warm house, in a caravan without the necessities, in poverty and misery.

Mr. George Valmas and Mrs. Sali Panagiotou, volunteers of the group and the first to be found next to the family, report to ant1.com.cy: "The girl is going through cancer for the second time and that was what crushed them as a family. They suffer, they grieve. The girl wants to find and rent a house but she is afraid είχε She had told us: “Find a house and rent it, but if I do not get well? If I can not work so we can pay the rent, then what will happen? My babies' joy will be so temporary… ". We were very moved by the children. They were thrilled when they saw us, in fact the little one had said to his mother: "Santa Claus came for us this year too". The space they live in is completely unsuitable. May the government and society help solve the problem of these people. "Such days are so unfair for our fellow human beings to suffer."

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Source: Ant1 / By Christiana Dionysiou