Famagusta Gate: Bicommunal event by 108 organizations - "For peace and solution"

All information about the event - What Sener Elzil and Elias Dimitriou say

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One hundred and eight organizations, political parties, trade unions and NGOs are co-organizing on the morning of Saturday, March 26, the bi-communal event "Open the way for peace and solution!".

On behalf of the organizers, Elias Dimitriou and Sener Elzil noted the need to resume talks on the basis of the Guterres framework for a bi-zonal bi-communal federation with political equality, and consider urgent mobilization for the implementation of MOUs that could help people's daily lives.

As such a measure, said Mr. Dimitriou, head of the re-approach office of AKEL, is the opening of new roadblocks throughout Cyprus, which remains an unfulfilled request that requires immediate satisfaction. Saturday's mobilization is a first step, he added.

"This is our beginning. "Our goal is to escalate our efforts in cooperation with all those who work in the same direction until we achieve this goal." The opening of new corridors in Nicosia (Famagusta and Paphos Gates), continued Mr. Dimitriou, in the area of ​​Athienou and Louroutzina, in Kokkina and elsewhere, has been discussed repeatedly for at least 8 years and therefore immediate decision is required, concluded .

We are on the streets and we will continue to do so for a solution within the framework of the UN, said Sener Elzil, secretary of the Turkish teachers' union. We will continue the fight, he added, for a Cyprus united, without barbed wire separating it and without foreign troops. "Even if the economic and political conditions are bad on both sides of the island, they can not hold us back," he said, adding that under these conditions the two communities need to work together even more and that is why they will make every effort.

As part of these efforts, he said, they call for new crossing points that will help the economic, political and cultural co-operation of the two communities, and help for a lasting peace.

He noted that for some time now there has been a request for the opening of new roadblocks and in this context the joint event takes place the day after Saturday. He stressed that it is very important for the MOE to move forward, as well as those concerning Varosi and other issues, which contribute significantly to peace and reconciliation. "Our main goal is the solution," he stressed.

Mr. Elzil invited everyone, not just the members of the 108 co-organizers, to support this event and participate.

The event will take place at 11.30. In the occupied areas they will gather in Kougioulou Park and in the free areas on Salaminos Street, near the entrance of the ditch of the Famagusta Gate. They will walk in parallel and around 12.15 they will reach both sides of the roadblock that leads to the Famagusta Gate, where they will leave balloons in the air.

They will also submit a joint document with their UNFICYP representative with their requests to the UN Secretary General.