1,231 complaints about traffic offenses in three days

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A total of 1,231 complaints for various traffic offences, resulted from traffic road checks carried out on the highways and the secondary road network throughout Cyprus, by members of the Special Motorcyclists Association (E.O.M.O.), the Road Accident Prevention Ulamas (O.P. OD) Headquarters and Avdimos and members of the Traffic Departments, the provincial Police Departments.

The Cyprus-wide traffic controls were carried out between Friday and Sunday 24-26/5/2024, in the context of the prevention of road collisions and the prevention and suppression of nuisance offenses by cars and motorcycles and juvenile delinquency.

The majority of complaints carried out related to offences, which have been proven to be the main causes of serious and fatal road collisions.

Of these, 456 complaints stand out, which concern exceeding the speed limit. Also worth mentioning are the complaints regarding vehicles without a valid registration, which amount to 128. In addition, there were 78 complaints for not using a seat belt, 67 complaints for driving without hands-free (use of a mobile phone) and 59 for traffic signal violations .

Regarding the offenses of driving without a driver's license, without a safety certificate and without a certificate of suitability, a total of 74 complaints were made.

In addition, members of the Police made 16 complaints for driving a stationary vehicle, 52 complaints for parking on a sidewalk or footpath, 56 complaints for driving under the influence of alcohol, while another 245 complaints were made for various other traffic violations.

Targeted traffic controls continue daily, around the clock, throughout the road network throughout Cyprus. The sole objective is to reinforce the correct road awareness of all road users and to prevent fatal and serious road collisions.

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