A 14-year-old suffered an electric shock at his school - He is being treated at Makareio Hospital

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A 14-year-old man has been hospitalized at Makareio Hospital since yesterday afternoon, who suffered an electric shock at his school.

According to the Director of the Pediatric Clinic of Makareio Hospital, Abraham Elias, the student was electrocuted when he tried to turn on the light in the toilets of his school. As the mother told Mr. Elias, the cable was uncovered, as a result of which the student was injured.

The mother transported the 14-year-old to the First Aid of the Nicosia General Hospital and after examinations, he was transported to Makareio Hospital, where he was kept for treatment, as he showed symptoms of arrhythmia.

The student is expected to be discharged in the next few hours, as stated by Mr. Elias.