29-year-old alleged kidnapper: "I came to Cyprus and I didn't have anything to eat, I didn't do anything"

The 8-year-old, who is accused, among other things, of the kidnapping and robbery of two minor children in a park, is in custody for 29 days

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The Nicosia District Court ordered the eight-day detention of the 29-year-old foreigner, who is accused, among other things, of kidnapping and robbing two minor children in a park in Aglantzia.

It is recalled that the complaint concerns an incident that took place in a Nicosia park on April 20. Specifically, two minors, a 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, complained that while they were in the park, they were approached by a foreign man who, after restraining them so they could not leave, took their mobile phones and demanded money.

In court, the 29-year-old, who was not represented by a lawyer, initially stated that "I came to Cyprus two months ago and I had nothing to eat. They beat me, mocked me and mentioned the name of my country."

He then asked his interpreter if his arrest was legal and added that he did not agree to the request for his detention, stating that "I didn't do anything."

Then, after the judge explained to him that today's proceedings do not decide whether he is innocent or guilty, he agreed to the request for his detention.

According to the judge, 14 depositions have been taken and another 15 remain. The suspect is expected to be questioned, while the results of the scientific tests are awaited.

Also, a DNA sample will be taken from the 29-year-old, an identification lineup will be made, while his status of stay in the Republic of Cyprus will be examined.

Finally, they are looking for the mobile phones he took from the minors.