"508 cases of bullying in schools in 2022 - Don't let them stay under the carpet"

There are many incidents of bullying in schools, but there are few complaints

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There are many incidents of bullying in schools, but there are few complaints.

Mesimeri and Kati hosted the Vice President of the Education Committee, Chrysanthos Savvidis, who spoke about the new incident of two brothers being beaten in a Gymnasium in the Nicosia district.

Initially he stated that he spoke with the Minister of Education who is away abroad but is aware of the incident. "A psychologist and officials from the Ministry have moved to the school."

Speaking about yesterday's session of the Education committee, he emphasized that school bullying was discussed. "From 2020 there is a legislation which is unenforceable. The Ministry of Education told us that one in five students has been bullied, while the complaints made by the principals are only 15 a year."

He added that these incidents are not reported to the Ministry of Education. "Are the school principals afraid that they will be targeted", he wondered.

He also mentioned that there is an electronic platform where they can immediately inform about any incident, but they don't do it. "School principals must be encouraged so that such incidents are not swept under the carpet."

Mr. Savvidis underlined that the Police have investigated 508 cases in 2022.

Source: sigmalive