513.943 Cypriots use the internet every day

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Reportage: "Phileleftheros" newspaper

In Cyprus, the number of women connected to the Internet is higher than the number of men, and this is not a claim but is proven by numbers. For the sake of truth, it is reported that, according to data from the Department of Statistics of the Republic of Cyprus, in 2019, 332.448 women and 315.483 men "entered" the internet. The data cover ages between 16-74 years.

According to the data, people with a lower level of education who use the internet are less than those with a medium level of education (who are more than double) and compared with high-level users who are about twice as many as those with the first. Specifically, 2019 Cypriots used the Internet in 648.971, of whom 60.718 were men with a low level of education and 66.335 women, middle level men were 150.224 compared to 141.934 of the same level and finally women online. level of education.

Regarding the frequency of internet use, it turns out that 513.943 Cypriots use the internet daily, 40.914 per week, while 3.671 people use it once a month or less. Every day, 250.918 men and 263.025 women go online.

Overall, the percentage of those who use their mobile phone to access the internet was 91,6%.

As for devices used for Internet access, mobile phones have dominated, taking into account that 511.507 are used against 145.983 laptops, 109.335 tablets with touch screens and 13.997 other devices (consoles, games, etc.). . With their mobile phone, 250.563 men and 260.944 women go online.

Regarding the sending and receiving of e-mails, their number reached 362.825 (65%) while the internet calls (with image or not) reached 469.024 (84%). On Facebook, Twitter, etc. 465.418 Cypriots (Cypriots 83,3%) participated, while 495.039 exchanged messages via Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. (88,6%).

Especially when it comes to Facebook, of the 465.418 participants, 238.053 are men and 227.365 are women. Of Facebook's users, 44.534 are men aged 16-24, while women are 45.151. At the ages of 25-54, men are 147.149 and women are 162.675. Finally, between the ages of 55-74, men are 31.467 and women are 34.443.

In 2019, 457.416 people, or 81,9%, read online news from newspapers and magazines. Also, 445.512 people searched the internet for health information (injuries, illness, diet, etc.).

Indicative is the participation or rather the non-participation of the citizens in the political and social life through the sending of ideas through various websites, in comparison with the big ones they always participate in other issues. Specifically, in 2019, 86.167 people participated in the various discussions, of which 51.551 were men and 34.616 were women. Another 27.075 people took part in online meetings or polls on social or political issues (eg urban planning).

In terms of entertainment, 356.191 people participated, including listening to music over the Internet.

At the same time, in the first quarter of 2019, a total of 263.067 people made banking transactions through internet banking. A total of 268.236 citizens used the Internet storage space to store documents, images, music, videos.

Regarding the use of online educational material, in addition to a complete online course (eg audiovisual material, e-books, etc.) 72.894 participated and another 43.954 contacted instructors or learners who use educational sites / blogs.

The connections are dominated by the mobile phone

As for the ages of people connected to the internet, it appears that 44.604 men between the ages of 16-24 and 44.964 women of the same age are connected via their mobile phones. At the same time, 162.499 men and 172.281 women between the ages of 25 and 50 are connected to the mobile phone. Finally, 43.460 men and 43.700 women between the ages of 55-74 are connected to the mobile phone.

Another 145.983 citizens (men and women of all ages) are connected to the Internet via a laptop (exclusively) or in parallel with another device. In addition, 109.355 citizens (also men and women of all ages) access the Internet via a touch screen (tablet).

Another area in which Cypriots are active is the sale (not the market) of products or services, e.g. through auctions. The number is currently small (22.141 and 16.506 of them are men of all ages while 5.636 are women.

In terms of banking transactions, of the 263.067 that used internet banking, 131.363 are men and 131.704 are women. The service was used by 14.379 men aged 16-24, 93.116 men aged 25-54 and 23.868 men aged 55-74. At the same time, the service was used by 16.244 women aged 16-24, 98.838 women aged 25-54 and 16.621 women aged 55-74.

Regarding the use of Internet storage for storing documents, images, music, videos or other files for personal purposes, the percentage rose to 48% of all those connected to the Internet.

Source: Liberal