600% increase in PV demand – When will applications go online

The demand for photovoltaics has increased

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The demand for photovoltaics has increased. Speaking to Mesimeri and Kati, the EAC Spokesperson spoke of a sharp and rapid increase in applications for photovoltaics.

He spoke of a 600% increase compared to other years. As an example, he gave the example that the EAC used to manage around 200 applications per month and now accepts 1200 applications. Performance is significantly affected and takes longer to manage. Some of the staff are working overtime while there have been transfers.

Efforts are still being made to simplify the process, said the Spokesperson. The EAC also accepts applications electronically, as Ms. Papadopoulou noted, but due to a lack of staff, the system was not working. The system is expected to be implemented in the first quarter of the new year with the assistance of ETEK.

Someone who wants to apply will go to an EAC branch and submit the application and pay 250 plus VAT. The application must be accompanied by a building permit, title deed or written consent of the owner. A deadline of 45 days is given to accept the terms and 3 months to install and connect the photovoltaics
with the EAC system.

Regarding those who live in apartment buildings, Mrs. Papadopoulou said that there is a virtual system in which the frames can be placed in another place and the consumer can be served.