600+ vacancies in the Police - Exams are coming

A previous announcement is in progress that will determine how many vacancies will remain

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Vacancies in the Police continue to be a "headache".The outstanding leadership of Chief Stelios Papatheodoros is looking for ways to cover them 673 positions (together with special police officers) who do not have an owner. The vacancies make it difficult for the proper functioning of the House administrative and mainly operational.

As we are informed, yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2022, the Chief had a meeting with the Examination Service of the Ministry of Education and theThe next recruitment exams will be held in January 2023.

However, recruitment exams for the Police are coming very soon, since on Saturday September 24, 2022, those who applied in the last announcement that expired at the end of July will compete in written exams.

However, the number of potential police officers who will be hired through this process will be determined by a key factor. The ongoing course of exams and sports tests that runs from an earlier announcement.

This process is quite advanced after the police candidates have passed the sports tests and the medical examination and analyzes are awaited drug test.

After a recent decision of the Parliament, those who failed the sports tests have a second chance to do so. According to estimates the successful ones through the ongoing announcement it is possibleto cover a number of 250 new police officers.