8998: The messages sent in the Three Days - The first choice (TABLE)

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Increased by about 60 thousand compared to Saturday and Friday and by 100 thousand compared to last Thursday were the messages sent and approved yesterday Sunday 17 January for exceptional travel.

The main reason why the citizens exceptionally requested sms trafficking was with a difference to go to a store to buy or supply essential goods and services (option 2), while the second choice of the citizens for exercise was much increased ( option 6).

Specifically, on January 17, 167.411 messages were sent for exceptional distribution to a supermarket or bakery and 116.235 for exercise. In this increase of the messages for exercise was the fact that many yesterday Sunday chose to go to the mountains that had snowed.

Yesterday, based on the data announced by the Ministry of Innovation, Research and Digital Policy, a total of 449.129 sms were sent with distribution requests, of which 430.265 were valid. Of these, 423.868 were approved.

To go to a pharmacy or to donate blood or to visit a doctor or to have a laboratory test for Covid-19 or for vaccination at vaccination centers (option 1), the approved sms amounted to 7.407.

For going to a store to buy or supply essential goods / services, including take away (option 2) the approved sms amounted to 167.411.

For bank transfer (option 3) the approved sms were 2.143.

For absolutely necessary visits to government services or services of the wider public sector and local government (option 4) the sms that were approved were 1.259.

For trafficking to provide assistance to people who are unable to self-serve or who have to protect themselves or are in self-restraint and / or in places of mandatory restriction (option 5) the approved sms amounted to 44.108.

For movement for physical exercise or individual sport (option 6) the sms amounted to 116.235.

For going to a ceremony (eg funeral, wedding, baptism) (option 7) amounted to 4.401.

Finally for any other purpose (option 8) on Tuesday the sms were 80.904.

Exceptional movement of persons by sending an SMS is limited to twice a day and requires people under the age of 65, while the reasons for not approving a traffic request are the incorrect structure of the message, or the time for which the message is made. request, ie not to fall within the hours that exceptional traffic is allowed, and the exceeding of the 2 allowed movements by sms.

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