Adamou: I want to declare that I will be an independent Speaker of Parliament

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A very hard job awaits us, given the collapse of the credibility and dignity of the House of Representatives with all that has happened recently, said AKEL MP Adamos Adamou, in his first statement after announcing his support for his candidacy for the Presidency of the Parliament from all parties except ELAM.

Mr. Adamou thanked the political parties for the support they provided to his candidacy. As he said, "I will be an independent representative of the House of Representatives, being a member of the AKEL Parliamentary Group - Left - New Forces".

He also said that there is no doubt that everyone will rise to the occasion to bring the House of Representatives to that position, which should belong to civil society and "not to what we see today."

"That is why hard work awaits us and I have no doubt that I will have allies all the political parties and all my fellow MPs," he said.

He ended with the phrase "work, work, work", stating that only he knows how to make a living and that he will do now.

Source: Sigmalive