These are the eight professions that Cyprus needs in 2023

These are the eight professions that Cyprus needs in 2023

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The Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) makes, on a systematic basis, long-term and short-term forecasts for employment needs in Cyprus. In this context, it proceeded to prepare the study "Investigation of employment and training needs in 2023", which provides estimates for employment and training needs for 2023.

The investigation of employment and training needs, on an annual basis, is particularly important, since it reinforces and complements the periodic provision of forecasts for employment needs in the Cypriot economy for a ten-year period. Through the annual investigation, the specialties and skills that present needs in the Cypriot economy are identified, in order to plan and implement the corresponding activities of the ADR with the aim of meeting the needs and alleviating the problems of the labor market, which have intensified as a result of the conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical and economic developments from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Based on the results of the study, it is estimated that there are quantitative and qualitative needs in specialties and skills in the labor market, which can be addressed by promoting and implementing appropriate training programs, for the following eight specialties and seven skills:


• Hotel receptionists
• Bankers
• Bartender
• Hotel maids
• Caregivers in nursing homes, social institutions and homes
• Bakers
• Butchers and meat cutters
• Welders