These plastic products will be banned from the Cypriot market

Details of the withdrawn products

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The plastic products whose circulation will be banned on September 30th was announced by the president of the Environmental Movement, Charalambos Theopeptou.

According to Mr. Theopeptou's post, the withdrawn products are:

1. Swabs, unless they fall within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

2. Cutlery [forks, knives, spoons, food chopsticks].

3. Plates.

4. Straws, unless they fall within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

5. Drink stirrers.

6.Sticks that attach to and support balloons, excluding sticks that support balloons for industrial or other professional uses and applications not distributed to consumers, including mechanisms for such sticks.

7. Food containers made of expanded polystyrene, that is, containers such as boxes, with or without lids, in which food is placed which-

(a) are intended for immediate consumption either on-site or outside the store;

(b) are usually consumed from the container; and

(c) are ready for consumption without further preparation, such as cooking, boiling or heating; including containers used for fast food meals or other ready-to-eat meals, except beverage containers, plates and packages and wrappers containing food;

8. Expanded polystyrene beverage containers and their lids and covers.

9. Expanded polystyrene cups and their lids and covers.