This is the threatening email sent to schools (PICTURE)

Disturbance was caused in schools and in the province of Famagusta

astynomia police narkwtika email, THREAT, Schools

Disruption was caused in schools across Cyprus on Friday morning after a threatening email was sent.

See the email:

“We've always waited for the day when we can go down to the city and not hide our faces.

The day will come when the images in our heads will become the destructive force of reality you will feel on these walls
The blood of teachers will be spilled in the schools. We will cut their throats.

The enemies of Allah will lie about our deeds

Sharia does not divide non-believers into warlike and peaceful

I said: Messenger of Allah our horses trampled the women and children of the pagans. He said: "He is from their fathers."
Children and women will only be killed if they get in our way.

We will destroy you in the streets. Our trucks are full of explosives.

They will destroy you in the main squares like in Nice and will cut the crowds with knives. They will break into you and explode. We will drown you in blood."

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Source: sigmalive