This is the prevailing scenario for schools

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The issue of schools is evolving into a very big headache, as de facto with the relaxation of measures that is expected to be announced from the first of February, they will now enter the equation that the competent and other factors besides the purely epidemiological ones are called to solve.

According to information transmitted by Omega, with secure information from the epidemiological team that on Monday will see the President of the Republic to finalize its suggestions regarding the relaxation, with the data that currently exist at the epidemiological level, it would be dangerous to open the schools. Therefore, with purely epidemiological data, always according to the information from the epidemiological team, their suggestion will be as the schools remain closed, until mid-February.

The concern of the epidemiological team is intensified by the new strain of the virus, which is much more contagious in children, who, although coincidentally in their majority, can transmit the virus if they stick to adults. The epidemiologists' concern about the possible opening of schools is intensified by the general directions that come from the largest EU countries that not only sound the alarm bell for the opening of schools, but also characterize such a possibility as an "epidemiological bomb".

But beyond the purely epidemiological picture, the epidemiologists themselves realize that, in fact, their suggestion for schools will be weighed against other factors that have to do with the whole of society.

For example, how will the opening of the retail trade keep primary school children at home or what will be the consequences for the seniors if their non-physical presence in the classrooms is extended for another fifteen days.


According to the information transmitted by Omega From the epidemiological group, the prevailing scenario is to adopt the general view that the children will stay at home until mid-February, continuing the distance education as it does today, but to make different decisions for the children of the Primary schools and of these graduates.

Therefore, what is expected to be done is Gymnasiums, first and Monday of Lyceum to stay at home for another fifteen days and to return to the classes of the Primary School and the senior students.

Especially for primary education, in addition to the practical need that arises for the care of children when their parents return to work, the return to the classrooms is also helped by the epidemiological assessment that young children may get stuck but it is not so contagious as older children.

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However, in addition to the suggestions of epidemiologists, the attitude of the Ministry of Education itself will play a decisive role, which in fact falls and the weight of the final proposal that will be approved by the Council of Ministers.