These roads have become dangerous due to bad weather

On all highways, due to heavy rainfall, visibility is very limited

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On all highways, due to heavy rainfall, visibility is very limited, while in many places there is an accumulation of water on the road.

Visibility on the Larnaca - Limassol highway is dangerously limited, especially in the area of ​​Hoirokoitia, where there is an increased flow and accumulation of water. In the section of the highway near Hoirokoitia, there is heavy traffic, with drivers moving at a very low speed, due to low visibility and the accumulation of water on the road.

Landslides of rocks and stones have occurred at various points on the Limassol - Paphos highway, in the area of ​​Pissouri, with the result that the road in both directions has become dangerous.

In Nicosia, Alexandroupolis Street, in Strovolos, and Dimitris Vikela Street, in the area of ​​the GSP stadium, remain closed due to the accumulation of a large amount of water.

Costa Misiaouli Street is also closed, from Deftera to Tseri due to water accumulation, while the road on Tseriou Avenue, from Strovolos to Tseri and on the Anthoupolis - Agioi Trimithias road is dangerously slippery.

The police recommend special attention to those who travel on the road network, while drivers are called to drive their vehicle at a safe, low speed, to keep a safe distance from oncoming vehicles, to have their traffic lights on and to give priority to others. passing drivers where needed.