This is the actor who works hard to make ends meet

Actor, who became widely known for his participation in popular serials, works as a deliverer to make ends meet - His interview

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Spyros Bibilas, in an interview a few days ago, had talked about an actor who, in order to make a living, is forced to work as a food distributor. The actor that the president of SEI was talking about is Stratos Hatzielias and the TV audience got to know him through his participation in the ANT1 TV series "Brusco".

After this revelation, the actor spoke to the Espresso newspaper and explained that in order to cope, he does three jobs: "In essence, I do three different professions to take them for a walk. My first studies were as a technologist and in order to be able to complete my studies I also worked in the field of catering. After 2007 I realized that things were getting tighter, until the financial crisis came in 2010 and leveled everything. I always worked hard but I also liked art because my parents are musicians. At some point along the way, and after I changed many professions, I wanted to try acting as well. However, at first I did not see it as a profession. "Mostly I was curious, I would say."

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Reading your CV I saw that in Cyprus you are a very famous actor

I went to work on a serial, in "9 months". The way of life there is completely different. Although the conditions were difficult, I still played in some episodes of Brusco. And from Brusco I went to the theater.

And suddenly we find out that you became a food distributor, especially in a difficult period for many actors

I work as a distributor and occasionally, because I also have the asiatrist's paper, they call me to sign some disinfections and disinfestations. As a distributor I am very unhappy, because people are not at all familiar with leaving us a small tip. The profession of distributor is very dangerous, because you are constantly on a motorbike, which you have to run to complete the work assigned to you.

Is it a thorn in your side to work as a distributor instead of an actor, especially now with what is happening in theaters due to a pandemic?

It hurts a lot, but I'm fine with myself. I would like to do the profession of an actor until I die. But how can I make a living from acting?

Are you making a living now?

I take them out with great difficulty.