Taxi fares are increasing by 17%

The increase is permanent and applies to all-Cypriot itineraries

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Approximately 17% is the percentage of the permanent increase in taxi fees from today throughout Cyprus, as the press representative of the Cyprus-wide taxi coordinating body, Vassilis Giotis, reports to Economy Today.

According to Mr. Giotis, the right to readjustment is provided, with a window of time until September 1, so that all drivers can adjust the new prices on their taxi meters.

As the president of the Cyprus Licensing Authority, Christos Karas, had already said in an earlier Economy Today report, this increase "had to be done", as he has more than twenty years to adjust the toll prices to the new economic reality.

At the same time, taxi drivers are obliged from May 4th to accept payment by credit card for those passengers who wish to do so.

Otherwise, the fine can rise up to 4.000 euros, according to competent officials of the Ministry of Finance.